Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Basic Steps to learn how to do a lay up

Layups are the most basic shots and the easiest way to score a basket in basketball, so it is very important to learn how to perform them correctly and practice them. The following videos show some tips and exercises you should know to improve your skill in basic layups.

However, If you are playing a game and try to shoot the same type of lay-up in every situation you will lack the advantage. It's important that you are use to shooting different types of lay-ups so that you will be harder to defend. Therefore, at least you should learn to shoot layups effectively with both the right and left hand. Remember: On the right side, jump with the left leg and shoot with the right hand. On the left side, jump with the right leg and shoot with the left hand. You can also use reverse lay ups or feints to surprise your defender.

- Write in your notebook what are the exercises you should do to improve your layups. 


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